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Announcing the BETA launch of KioMedia!

February 11th, 2015 – (San Diego, CA.) NFY Interactive, Inc. is proud to announce the beta release of KioMedia, Inc. (, an online strategic content automation system. is a tool built in partnership with a variety of entities to help solve one of the most common challenges in business today, to have quality and relevant content posted to your website over time.  This coupled with social proof, syndication, videos and a 2.0 road map that will provide one of the most comprehensive online marketing tools available. is actively seeking live beta test users to create accounts, test the profile, campaign builder and schedule system – along with the content and social proofing models.  You can signup today at  We will be limiting the beta to the first 20 users and in the first cycle (typically 8 weeks).

“This system revolutionizes content marketing online.” stated Chris Fialkowski, President & CEO of NFY Interactive, Inc. and Managing Partner of KioMedia, Inc. “This tool was designed by SEO experts, and leverages the most key ingredients to a successful online marketing campaign to develop organic traffic.  We are extremely excited about this product for our own customers, but also to create an affordable tool that will help many small and medium sized businesses market themselves online.”

The concept of KioMedia, Inc. is based on the work of NFY Interactive, Inc.’s own online marketing department and strategy and KioMedia, Inc.’s Darren Tunstall, the #1 best selling author on, who built a real estate lead machine with this simple, consistent and effective SEO model.

If you are looking to level the playing field, if you are too busy to manage your content marketing strategy, if you have run out of ideas… KioMedia, Inc. is the solution to get you back on track and delivery high-quality and consistent content over time.  Signup today at :

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