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Is Google Really Optimizing Their Search Engine Results Page?

Recently at the Google Ads & Analytics Innovations Keynote held on on May 24th 2016, Google released some game changing news to people who are familiar with Adwords and the world of PPC. Without a clear date other than “sometime this year” we will begin to see an increase of text on all our ads. In […]

No more side ads on Google?

Is the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) evolving for the good or bad? Google just recently stopped showing side ads that we were used to seeing and instead placed ads towards the bottom of them page. So now all your organic results are sandwiched between ads. They seem to only be focusing on top and […]

Split Testing

Having success through AdWords requires a lot of moving parts that we constantly need to be on top of. One of those key things is our ad creative, which we are always testing and seeing which one works best compared to others. What is Split testing? Without overcomplicating it, split testing is simply the testing […]

AdWords Drafts and Experiments

So you just finished up setting up your PPC account. All the bells and whistles are set up, the campaigns and ad groups all have a fluid structure you’re proud to call yours and you’re fully satisfied. But sometimes you can’t help to think about all the “What if’s” in your account. “What if this […]

Is PPC for you?

In a short answer, if you can afford it, then yes. Not just from a monetary perspective, but you have to be able to be committed to a successful PPC account. You will have to be able to afford time, commitment, and some knowledge. These three things are the recipe to be a key player among your […]