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Email Marketing in 2016

2016 has arrived and we still don’t have flying vehicles, self tying shoes or automatically adjustable clothing.  However, we do have some amazing new technology that has been seen over the past year.  Tesla released a self-driving car, SpaceX successfully launched and landed a new type of rocket and of course Plutonium 238… So, what’s […]

Leveraging WordPress San Diego WordPress developers

San Diego WordPress Developers Hiring a team of web developers sounds scary and the options today are wide and extremely diverse, unless you look to our San Diego WordPress developers.  Like many things in life, developers are NOT created equal and you will get what you pay for.  We have found that many companies that […]

Celebrating 16 Amazing Years.

September 14, 2015, today www.netfinity.net turned 16! It was not a typical sweet 16 like we see on MTV; there were no glamorous parties and no sharpie-art Lamborghinis. What today did have was 16 years of reflection on the amazing technology created over the last 3 decades. Read More about this awesome and amazing journey!

Pros & Cons… A Double Entendre

In the past 18 years that I have been involved with the internet, I have seen my fair share of shady, unethical and downright scandalous companies.  This includes individuals selling cable boxes for “free cable TV” to some very sad sites that promoted dog fighting.  Our company decided early on that we would break the […]

How Hobbies at Home, Help Clients.

NFY Interactive, Inc. is a full-service online firm located in San Diego, CA.  Since 1998, our team has been providing customized solutions for our clients which have spanned a wide array of technology.  I was recently thinking about some of the programming languages, systems, etc. that our team has worked with – it is so […]

Factors Matter in Online Marketing

Do you remember back in school, when the teachers said that one day you will need specific math skills and you jubilantly agreed and paid close attention to each element that they were teaching?  Yeah, me either.  However, as time has progressed the fundamental base that we learned in elementary school applies to business marketing […]

The Death of Internet connections

Now that I have your attention, this is actually a great thing for consumers and business. Over the past 10+ years, cable and phone companies have controlled access to the “Internet”, you know that thing somewhere out there.. The cloud. The reality is that the Internet is simply a group of computers that can connect […]

Ecommerce is dead.

I hope that I caught someone’s attention out there.  The reality is that the internet is now full of white noise with only a few clear signals coming through and periodically a one-hit wonder.  I am specifically referring to companies like Amazon, Zappos, Ebay, Etsy, etc.. as the clear signal carriers – dominate in their […]

The Development of KioMedia and What Is It?

KioMedia, simply put is a Beast.  We have been developing the platform for about 9 months and are actively testing all of the features in a closed beta.  At the time we are writing this, we are just a couple of months away from a full launch. To understand what KioMedia is and what it […]