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Bringing It Back Old School

So much information! Too much information! It’s all the same information! Content, Video Content, Social Media, Post, Post, Post, Like, Like, Like!

WOW! This is a lot of content but is it getting the traffic? Is it worth it? I feel like I am finally doing something! But, is there real traction here? Should I Let it Ride? I think we all go through these questions, someone who is in Marketing or even a Business Owner.

The big question is, am I making any progress to get new traffic or remarket and retarget existing traffic? I am sure you are working hard and gaining traction. However, Let me take you back to the start!

What Message(s) Are You Trying To Say?

How Are You Delivering It?

Who Is Your Target Audience?

Is This “Word Of Mouth Worthy” (WOMW)

Yep, I said it “Word Of Mouth Worthy” This is the biggest forgotten piece of the puzzle. America’s Businesses were built on this Marketing Model. It’s the backbone! Some things never get old.

Word of Mouth includes an old Tradition of Business in a New Era. Reviews, Networking (such as, Blogs, Social Likes, Social Shares, Review sites and of course the good ole’ Hey Check this out from your trusted buddy! J)

We are here to bring you back to the traditional way of doing business in today’s world and technology.

You can have all the social media postings, blogs, video content, an amazing PPC expert and maybe even an influencer but if you don’t have that missing piece of the puzzle than you need to go back to the drawing board.

Remember there is tons of information out there; some strategies work best for your business and not others.

Go back to the start. Keep it simple, keep it up to date, keep it “Word of Mouth Worthy.” Showcase your best and also make it real! No one wants bricks in their box unless that’s a thing now.

We are real, we are honest and we will let you know, Hey this can or can’t be done.  Let’s take it back old school, “Word Of Mouth” and see what happens!