WordPress Plugins, Realizing the Limits.

One of the most common mistakes that we run across when it comes to a WordPress website is that there are just too many installed and active plugins. Read more

WordPress for Non-Profit websites

Since 1998 the team at NFY Interactive, Inc. has actively developed websites for many different businesses in a variety of vertical markets.  Over the years, we have had the opportunity to work with a number of non-profits throughout the United States.   Read more

A New Adventure in Online Marketing

Online Marketing has changed dramatically in the past decade–SEO, PPC, Remarketing, Social Media, Affiliate marketing and more often create confusion among a giant see of opportunity.  The reality is that an online presence is required today, otherwise your competitors have a huge advantage–but we are past that. Read more

WordPress Developers, Designers and a Mix of the Two

As of today–there are nearly 62.5 Million WordPress sites in the World.  Each of these site are are hosted, blogged, liked, shared and ultimately–designed and developed. Our team of WordPress developers have been working with WordPress since before it became a standard issue content management system (CMS) for many websites. Read more

Web Design–Then and Now

In the mid 1990’s, web design was centered around some very simple options–we had programs like FrontPage by Microsoft and a handful of code editors – a few WYSIWG editors that output horrendously heavy code.   Read more

Why Hiring a PPC Management Firm Can Change Results

Since the days of goto.com – our team has been working on PPC online marketing – we have watched Yahoo! buy overture for more than $1.5 billion, we have seen Google become a juggernaut in the past 5 years, with revenue exceeding $42 billion in 2012 – all from its initial start in 2000. Read more