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San Diego, CA., February 18th, 2016, NFY Interactive, Inc. a San Diego web development firm which specializes in PHP development and web applications, announced the launch of the new A&O Logistics package tracking system.  The new tracking system integrates with MercuryGate, an industry leading logistics system which manages the package details and the regular transactions that occur during a package delivery.  The new system was designed to provide an easy to use web-based interface that links directly to the A&O Logistics website, to offer A&O clients quick access to view the status of a package.

The package tracking system was developed by San Diego based PHP developers, who specialize in web application development.  The foundation of the system is based on the Symfony framework, with a custom front-end and MySQL database to store user and package data. “Our team worked directly with the client and the team at MercuryGate to integrate the MercuryGate API for package tracking”, stated Chris Fialkowski, CEO of NFY Interactive, Inc.  “The goal of the new portal was to provide an easy to use tool for clients to track the packages they have shipped with A&O, as well to provide additional resources for saving information and receiving regular email updates”, stated Mr. Fialkowski.

A&O Logistics (, provides full or partial loads. You are covered with their extensive coverage throughout the United States and Mexico and a large variety of equipment under contract for all types of FTL and LTL loads—53-foot air ride vans, refers and straight trucks, flatbeds, step decks, RGNs, double drops, landolls, conestogas and rail.  Click Here to Learn More.

NFY Interactive, Inc. has been developing web-based applications since 1998. The team of back-end and front-end developers have a proven track record of delivering high quality websites based on the LAMP stack and other various configurations. In the last decade, NFY Interactive, Inc. has grown to provide custom development solutions to a variety of San Diego companies, national brands and Fortune 10 companies.  The group of developers, strategic planners and Entrepreneurs helps NFY provide high-end solutions to many clients in a variety of industries.

To learn more about NFY Interactive, Inc., please visit us online at Our San Diego based team can help review your website project and provide valuable insight on how to take the next step online. From PHP and WordPress development to a full service online marketing team, NFY Interactive, Inc. offers a full spectrum of online services.


Celebrating 16 Amazing Years.

September 14, 2015 – (San Diego, CA.) Today, turned 16!  It was not a typical sweet 16 like we see on MTV; there were no glamorous parties and no sharpie-art Lamborghinis.  What today did have was 16 years of reflection on the amazing technology created over the last 3 decades.  What ultimately started in a small 2-bedroom condo in San Diego, CA. blossomed into an agile and talented development and online marketing company with staff in California, Texas and Michigan – and clients in nearly every state and almost half a dozen countries.

NFY Interactive, Inc. started as a small web design company – offering simple design and development services.  Our first large client helped pave the way for new technology and created a path for our company to grow and dominate in the home building industry for nearly a decade.  We had the opportunity to work with every major home builder and land developer in the country and developed a variety of technologies, from websites, 3D interactive kiosks, CRMs, custom email marketing system and much more.

Our company shifted dramatically in 2007.  We love to look back and consider the move a savvy business decision – but frankly, it was good luck and solid timing.  We had begun seeking to diversify our client base, to help ensure that our team wasn’t locked exclusively into the new homes sector (that story is for another time).  During the course of 2007 and 2008, our company connected with major brands, including a Fortune 10 company, a variety of Fortune 500 companies and the company that set the “box” world on fire with –

“The last 16 years have been a blessing, we have had the ups and downs of economy and industry, and our clients continue to give us opportunities to create and build amazing things for them.” stated Chris Fialkowski, President  & CEO of NFY Interactive, Inc. “We love that we get to do this, making things is the core of what makes our jobs so wonderful, we get to build and create things that have never been developed before, who wouldn’t get excited about that”, stated Mr. Fialkowski.

In 2014, after 15 years in business; Chris Fialkowski took the reins of the company entirely.  In 2015, he began to radically transition the company to ensure that each client relationship saw significant value and were able to quantify the value NFY Interactive, Inc. was providing.  In Q1 and Q2 of 2015, NFY Interactive, Inc. welcomed some amazing new clients, including: A&O Logistics, Lisa Blalock, Premier Customer Brokerage, Talking Rock Ranch, KioMedia, Inc.,, Hope4Cancer and many more.

“At this point, we are going to focus on bringing a high level of service and quality to our clients, we will ensure that the work product is solid and does what it needs… Everything else will fall into place”, stated Mr. Fialkowski.  “The last 16 years has been amazing, but I truly feel the energy and excitement of a new company, a fresh perspective and desire to build new and amazing things for our clients.”

NFY Interactive, Inc. – is a full service web development and online marketing agency located in San Diego, CA. with offices in Chula Vista.  The team is comprised of entrepreneurs, marketers, developers, brand experts and more.  The 16 year mark is driven by the new values statement of the company: Enjoy Work and Life, Encourage and Grow, Building Beneficial Relationships, Quality and Delivery.  The story is simple: do great work and deliver – the rest will take care of itself.

Announcing the BETA launch of KioMedia!

February 11th, 2015 – (San Diego, CA.) NFY Interactive, Inc. is proud to announce the beta release of KioMedia, Inc. (, an online strategic content automation system. is a tool built in partnership with a variety of entities to help solve one of the most common challenges in business today, to have quality and relevant content posted to your website over time.  This coupled with social proof, syndication, videos and a 2.0 road map that will provide one of the most comprehensive online marketing tools available. is actively seeking live beta test users to create accounts, test the profile, campaign builder and schedule system – along with the content and social proofing models.  You can signup today at  We will be limiting the beta to the first 20 users and in the first cycle (typically 8 weeks).

“This system revolutionizes content marketing online.” stated Chris Fialkowski, President & CEO of NFY Interactive, Inc. and Managing Partner of KioMedia, Inc. “This tool was designed by SEO experts, and leverages the most key ingredients to a successful online marketing campaign to develop organic traffic.  We are extremely excited about this product for our own customers, but also to create an affordable tool that will help many small and medium sized businesses market themselves online.”

The concept of KioMedia, Inc. is based on the work of NFY Interactive, Inc.’s own online marketing department and strategy and KioMedia, Inc.’s Darren Tunstall, the #1 best selling author on, who built a real estate lead machine with this simple, consistent and effective SEO model.

If you are looking to level the playing field, if you are too busy to manage your content marketing strategy, if you have run out of ideas… KioMedia, Inc. is the solution to get you back on track and delivery high-quality and consistent content over time.  Signup today at : launches nationwide

February 5th, 2015 – (San Diego, CA.) is an online subscription website, focused on high-end and high-quality dog treats.  The website features monthly, quarterly or annual plans with a monthly delivery mechanism. has quickly become a leader in the San Diego area and across the nation with celebrities purchasing the product, including a treat box for Bo, the first dog of the First Family of the United States.  The box has quickly gained traction for a variety of reasons, but primarily the high-quality products that you cannot buy in typical box pet stores.  These are often boutique items that are usually only available in smaller retail shops, who cater to the higher-end products for your pooch!

“The first time I met with the team from, I got to meet Freddie”, stated Chris Fialkowski of NFY Intractive, Inc.  “At first, I was surprised that a dog was in a business meeting, but I quickly realized who the star of this show was!  I will never forget that Freddie – aka Freddie Leaf posed for pictures.  I pointed my iphone at Freddie and he perked up and looked right at the camera.  I am convinced he adjusted his angle a second after the lens closed for the next shot.”

The website is based on Freddie’s journey to find high-quality products that his pet pooch friends will love!  He tirelessly scours products and samples everything to narrow down the final products in each box, each month.  The result is a very high quality product subscription box that won’t just throw junk in as filler – the quality matters.  This is Freddie Leaf we are talking about after all.

The website was built on an installation of WordPress and Woocommerce.  NFY Interactive, Inc. leveraged the latest Woocommerce subscription plugin with some heavy modification to helps ensure that we had a solid system to allow for discounted payments and monthly shipments.  The website was built to support the long-term growth of the business and the plans are in the works for some pretty amazing stuff.  The website also features a simple but effective affiliate program; this is not for the affiliate marketers, this is for shelters around the country to participate and get discounted products, ultimately with a portion of the revenue going back to help those shelters.

“I like the company and the people involved.” stated Chris Fialkowski.  “The love animals and have a true affinity to help, you can see it the moment you meet them.  Some may think people are just spoiling your pet, but let’s be honest – I have a dog and I love to spoil her with treats.”

If you are working on a wordpress website, ecommerce wordpress integration, woocommerce or anything related – our team can help you build and launch your website.  NFY Interactive, Inc. has helped major brands launch online, including – one of the most successful subscription box websites online today.  Clik to learn more about our WordPress development services, or please contact us today.

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NFY Interactive, Inc. launches

January 16th, 2015 – (San Diego, CA.) Today was the MLS draft in Philadelphia, where forwards dominated the day.  Today also marked the launch of an amazing 3 month project is a premier source for soccer news, focusing on youth soccer and news across the sport.  The new site is a custom developed theme powered by WordPress.  At launch, the site housed thousands of articles, and advertising system, cloud based storage and many other features that will allow the editorial staff to control many features of the website to grow over the coming years.

“This was a site that really spoke to me,” stated Chris Fialkowski of NFY Interactive, Inc. “As a child, I have amazing memories playing club soccer.  This site really brought back the hard work and joy I found in the sport. Soccer does not get nearly the attention in America as it does in most other countries, but I am hopeful that we will continue to see more growth with the amazing talent that this Country continues to produce.” stated Chris.

The website will continue to grow and morph as new phases are planned in the future.  This initial launch was headed up by the dedicated and tireless staff at  They were tasked with ensuring that the system had content populated in time for the draft as well as help verify the different elements of the system.  This extremely agile development model is not something that happens with every project, however the teams on both sides made this project happen.

The wordpress platform has grown considerably and is often far more flexible and dynamic than most companies realize.  It far surpasses general blogging functionality or simple CRM and provide a great framework to quickly launch websites for a variety of needs.  If you are looking to build a new website and are open to learning more about WordPress and how the system can help, please contact us today to learn more.

To see more of our WordPress services, click here.

New year, new website.

January 15th, 2015 — (San Diego, CA.) NFY Interactive, Inc. is proud to announce the launch of their latest website.  The push was to mark the new 2015 year and to help expand some of the new services and areas of services that NFY Interactive, Inc. is offering moving forward.  This new expansion includes the addition of Managed Services, a service often provided by NFY in the past – but often overlooked by many as the focus has seemingly been on web design and development.

“Our goal is to outline some of the different areas of expertise that our company can offer to new and existing clients.” Stated Chris Fialkowski, President and CEO of NFY Interactive, Inc. “We are looking to build our business in 2015.  We plan on doing this through the general marketing and channel development, but we found that many of our existing clients are not aware of the different services that our company offers.”

After 15 years in business, NFY Interactive, Inc. is focused on improving the services that existing clients experience and to ensure that each task, project or milestone adds value.  The company mantra, adopted 3 years ago “A Fresh Perspective” is something that we have stated over the past but we intend to put this into practice.  “We are sure that clients will begin to notice a difference immediately”, stated Chris Fialkowski. “We have been very fortunate to have amazing business relationships with our clients, some that date back over a decade.”

This new model was not designed to cover mistakes, but instead to focus on never settling in an industry that can sometimes allow us to remain stagnant and stick with the status quo.  Moving forward, NFY Interactive, Inc. will push on its of its services to help clients maximize the team that is available to them today.

NFY Interactive, Inc. is a full service interactive agency, with core services that cover: web design & development, online marketing, application development and managed services.  If you would like to learn more about the services offered, please click here to learn more, or contact us today.

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