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February 5th, 2015 – (San Diego, CA.) is an online subscription website, focused on high-end and high-quality dog treats.  The website features monthly, quarterly or annual plans with a monthly delivery mechanism. has quickly become a leader in the San Diego area and across the nation with celebrities purchasing the product, including a treat box for Bo, the first dog of the First Family of the United States.  The box has quickly gained traction for a variety of reasons, but primarily the high-quality products that you cannot buy in typical box pet stores.  These are often boutique items that are usually only available in smaller retail shops, who cater to the higher-end products for your pooch!

“The first time I met with the team from, I got to meet Freddie”, stated Chris Fialkowski of NFY Intractive, Inc.  “At first, I was surprised that a dog was in a business meeting, but I quickly realized who the star of this show was!  I will never forget that Freddie – aka Freddie Leaf posed for pictures.  I pointed my iphone at Freddie and he perked up and looked right at the camera.  I am convinced he adjusted his angle a second after the lens closed for the next shot.”

The website is based on Freddie’s journey to find high-quality products that his pet pooch friends will love!  He tirelessly scours products and samples everything to narrow down the final products in each box, each month.  The result is a very high quality product subscription box that won’t just throw junk in as filler – the quality matters.  This is Freddie Leaf we are talking about after all.

The website was built on an installation of WordPress and Woocommerce.  NFY Interactive, Inc. leveraged the latest Woocommerce subscription plugin with some heavy modification to helps ensure that we had a solid system to allow for discounted payments and monthly shipments.  The website was built to support the long-term growth of the business and the plans are in the works for some pretty amazing stuff.  The website also features a simple but effective affiliate program; this is not for the affiliate marketers, this is for shelters around the country to participate and get discounted products, ultimately with a portion of the revenue going back to help those shelters.

“I like the company and the people involved.” stated Chris Fialkowski.  “The love animals and have a true affinity to help, you can see it the moment you meet them.  Some may think people are just spoiling your pet, but let’s be honest – I have a dog and I love to spoil her with treats.”

If you are working on a wordpress website, ecommerce wordpress integration, woocommerce or anything related – our team can help you build and launch your website.  NFY Interactive, Inc. has helped major brands launch online, including – one of the most successful subscription box websites online today.  Clik to learn more about our WordPress development services, or please contact us today.

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