How Adwords Can Become a Force Multiplier for Your Business


We’re in an era where content dominates the internet. But how does that content get pushed out to the masses? There are several ways, but one major factor is utilizing AdWords. Let’s face it, we still search through Google for the things we need.

In 2010, data doubled every 11 years. Today, that data doubles every 2 years.

With more than 6 billion searches done daily, there’s no question that searched keywords and phrases are important to every company whose purpose is trying to get the attention of users searching for their service or product.

But how do business owners help propel themselves to the top of search engines? Content is one of them, and it’s free, and then there are paid ads. Some business owners have relied heavily on creating content, but pass up the opportunity in paying for key terms. After all, it saves them money, right? Unfortunately, not using AdWords limits your exposure and you might just be robbing yourself from increasing revenue. So here’s why there is still a need for integrating AdWords into your online marketing strategy.

We understand that each business has a budget and ensuring that you are maximizing any ad spend is critical. Often, business owners find themselves asking why they should invest time and money in Adwords – when their organic content is currently producing traffic and sales. AJ, the PPC Manager of NFY Interactive, Inc. an online marketing firm explains it best,

“People begin their search for your product or service online, whether it be reviews, videos, images, etc. Without paying for keywords I believe you’re doing yourself and the company a huge disservice by not even allowing yourself the opportunity to be right in front of a potential customer during all searches for your product or service. Some can argue that they organically rank high but that is another SEO discussion within itself. Simply put, by not utilizing AdWords you’re effectively letting competitors take your business for little to no money and you’re not giving yourself the opportunity to be in front of a potential customer during their initial searches.”

So we can think of paying for keywords as an enhancement to quality content.

We’re not saying to stop all of your content creation and stop focusing on organic growth, we’re insisting to utilize paid and organic together in order to have successful exposure. Your keywords will actually help the growth of your organic search conversions and even better, help you with the exposure on search pages. We believe that using AdWords is the glue to great content being shown the right away. If your focus is really trying to get in front of your customers, especially during the first stages of searches, then AdWords is beneficial.

How Does AdWords Help?

First of all, let’s understand the concept of keyword ranking and its’ correlation to searches and exposure. You’re bidding for terms to appear on search engine results. Every paid position on search engines like Google are driven by a number of factors – but the bid or price you are willing to pay is the starting point.

Helps You With Targeting Your Audience.

Now to incorporate your messaging. Each ad will have a specific keyword you yourself have been focusing and researching. If you haven’t specified a keyword to use throughout your website, then you may want to consider doing that to ensure relevance to your website and ads.

For example, the keywords, “car insurance” is a target focus for your company.

You can target people who are typing in car insurance or any phrase that encapsulates the term car insurance. Like “cheap car insurance” or “best prices for ‘car insurance.’”

Your content and website is based off of providing car insurance to people and with the help of bidding for the key terms on AdWords, you can help yourself rank up higher in search engines by supplementing the content you have already produced. In addition to the possibility of ranking higher, you are giving your company the opportunity to not only be on the first page but on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. The more real estate you have on the web searches, the better chances you have to generate traffic and leads.

Measurable and Controllable

If you’re curious as to how everything is tracked, you’ll be able to see this all on Adwords and Google Analytics.
You can control your spending and budgets to ensure a proper fit for your business.

You’ll be able to view the cost of your keywords per click and see how each one is performing. You can remove and add the keyword and even adjust how much money you’re are spending for each keyword.


If you haven’t utilized re-marketing or understood what retargeting is, this is an opportunity in itself to use. If you constantly want to be in front of someone who has visited your website. The one way you can have that happen is again creating the action in AdWords.

You know those ads that pop up on the side or at the top of a website? Well you can control those in AdWords (there are other networks, but we are focusing on Google for now). Whether someone has purchased something or not, a reminder that they’ve been to your website can peak another interest to revisit again.

This can even help with the buyer’s journey and continue to nourish your customers even after their purchase. Over time you’ll see how this method helps your business begin to flourish with traffic with a visual of your sales funnel process.

So let’s recap and see where AdWords can help out:

  • Better value in targeting and conversions.
  • It’s measurable and you can control your costs.
  • ReMarketing is huge and re-engages your website traffic.

So if you’re starting up a business or have an existing business that’s struggling to gain leads, maybe consider investing in AdWords. If you’re worried about time and learning AdWords, hire an online marketing agency. Be efficient with your time and money. Think of your AdWords as a force multiplier for your sales team and business.

When in doubt about what to do with AdWords, don’t try to take on the task yourself. You can learn more by subscribing to our YouTube page, NFY Interactive. You’ll be able to find Google AdWords tutorials and be able to take part in Q&A sessions.