PPC Management

Is PPC for you?

PPC ManagementIn a short answer, if you can afford it, then yes. Not just from a monetary perspective, but you have to be able to be committed to a successful PPC account. You will have to be able to afford time, commitment, and some knowledge. These three things are the recipe to be a key player among your competitors.

PPC Management – In-House vs Agency

The question most businesses ask is should you hire someone to do it in house or hire an agency to do the work for you? This is where many businesses start, when looking to do some PPC work. I wish there was a clean-cut right answer to make everybody’s life simpler but it’s not that easy, as both options have major pros and cons. In the end, whatever you value most is going to be the clear winner.

For someone to do it in house, the biggest advantage is that they presumably know your business very well. They know exactly what to go after; they know your competition, and (hopefully) all the right triggers to attract as many customers as they can. A major drawback to the in-house approach is that you will likely have only one or two people at most managing the PPC account in a small to medium business. Sometimes one or two people may not have all the answers, experience, creativity or time to make a PPC account and strategy the best it could be. Additionally, as a business, when hiring someone in-house, you carry all the burden financially, with the amount of turnover most companies face, this will very likely have an impact on the overall account performance.

An agency’s major drawback is the instant learning curve they are faced when they bring you on as a client. Sure, the agency might not know all the answers and best ways to attract more customers at first but they sure have all the tools and resources they need to find out what works best for you. The biggest pro an agency has over an in-house account manager is more people. Agencies always have gears turning with multiple people on one account; it’s an “all hands on deck” kind of mentality. Input and strategy from more than one person is critical and helps creativity and allows your business to draw from the collective experience of many people in the industry. By far, one of the best things of having an agency manage your PPC account is that they are always at the forefront with newer technology, products, and software. Agencies have the resources to be included in simple betas that may not be available to the general public.

A great example for us here at NFY Interactive was the newer integration of being able to show ads on Instagram through AdRoll. Our client was pretty assertive that it was not possible, and we don’t really blame them, there was little to no information available online to the average user, but as an agency who spend larger sums of money on a platform like this, we are given an exclusive account manager and are given early or even Beta access to newer features. AdRoll gave us the opportunity to be one of the first users to advertise on Instagram through their platform. It is little added benefits like these that add so much value to an agency managing your PPC account.

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