Your Reason to Join a Facebook Groups

The Importance of Being in Facebook Groups

Before I started working, I never acknowledged the importance of Facebook Groups for specific niches. I would think that learning on the go from certifications, articles, and blogs would help me be better at whatever Marketing I was doing.

A few months later, I joined a Social Media and Marketing Facebook group because I had an impending question I needed answered; which I couldn’t find an answer to from any article or blog I looked up.

Sure enough, I found what I was looking for. The people in the Facebook group had a ton of knowledge and experience to answer my question.

As I scrolled through the group and read a few “nuggets” of information, I realized I learned more strategizing than any article or blog had provided. I didn’t have to read through lengthy articles or videos. The solutions were quick and easy to comprehend. And you don’t feel too out of place for not knowing something.

There’s always knowledge to gain and tricks to learn that no tutorial or article can really show you.

I’m not suggesting you completely veer away from reading and learning from articles and blogs. You should also be joining groups in the same industry as you, to supplement your knowledge and ensure you are constantly learning.

You have your community with people from all levels of expertise (beginner to expert) that can be a great support system. There’s no judgment and most want to see others succeed. If you haven’t already joined a group, maybe now is the time.

Share your knowledge and gain some knowledge. Joining Facebook groups are just as great for networking as they are for learning.

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