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Email Marketing in 2016

2016 has arrived and we still don’t have flying vehicles, self tying shoes or automatically adjustable clothing.  However, we do have some amazing new technology that has been seen over the past year.  Tesla released a self-driving car, SpaceX successfully launched and landed a new type of rocket and of course Plutonium 238…

So, what’s new in the world of email marketing for 2016?  Well, nothing much so far.  This article was created to review some of the more recent updates and how they can impact your email marketing efforts.  Ultimately, the goal is to provide some value with this article to help ensure that you are maximizing your email marketing efforts.

This is not an article about lead generation or growing your list… this is to help ensure that you maintain a high quality sender score as you embark on email marketing and different strategies.  We wanted to offer up a few elements to consider when sending your email marketing campaign.

  1. Content / Images. The ratio of your images and content (text) really do matter.  I have heard a variety of arguments about the ratio of content and images, but ultimately – we prefer to ensure that there is a balance of images and content which help convey the message and applies the specific strategy we are working on.  We have in the past tested a variety of ratios specifically to see how it will impact the open rate and click through rates.
  2. SPF record. – this is a must nowadays.  It is simply a marker attached to your domain, which servers can validate against and verify that you are in fact a legitimate sender.
  3. Unsubscribe Options.  I cannot over emphasize this one.  This is critical and ensuring that you have a clear unsubscribe link will help ensure that you potential complaint ratio stays low.
  4. How did you get my Email? Helping users recall how they were added to your list helps ensure that you have permission to send to them.  If you are working with a purchased bulk list, 1. you better be sure you can email them. and 2. make sure you spell it out.  We work with many partners that provide their databases for email marketing purposes, so we make sure to clarify the list source.
  5. How to contact you. This is actually a requirement of the CAN SPAM laws, which state you must provide a method to call and contact you.  We have found through testing that our spam complaints drop significantly when we provide contact information – there is no clear reason why , however – the assumption is that when you provide more information – trust is established and users will likely unsubscribe vs. complain.
  6. Check and Verify : – this is a website we use for every email that we send.  It provides a temporary email address which we can send our campaign to.  Their system will evaluate the email and check for potential issues that could cause your email to be flagged for spam.

Finally, the key here is test… test, test, test… Test everything and each factor or element of your campaign, and we aren’t talking about split testing.  Testing subjects, content, images, everything – and categorize each element and track overtime.  This will help you build a solid factorial model which can help improve your email marketing over time.

Our company delivers more than 2.5 million email messages per month.  While, we aren’t perfect and deal with a share of complaints, they are literally 1% of the acceptable industry standard.  This has earned our company a solid reputation to deliver emails and provide our clients with solid email marketing strategies.  If you would like to learn more about our San Diego email marketing services, please contact our company to learn more about how we can help your email marketing strategy.

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