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San Diego Web Developers

Finding the right web development team can be difficult for many companies, that is very true in San Diego.  San Diego is loaded with talented web developers, freelance, agencies, web development companies.  So how do you choose which one is right for you?  Should you base it on the price, experience, portfolio, the pitch?  I have been thinking a lot about this recently as we have been receiving more and more calls from companies who are 50%, 80% in progress projects – and their “web guy” has just given up.  Sometimes they just disappear and other times they just quit.  However, more often than not – the client is left holding an incomplete project and has spent a considerable amount of money.

How do you prevent this from happening to begin with?  There actually isn’t a perfect answer for this unfortunately, you will always run the risk of purchasing something that is either never fully delivered, not delivered as expected or cannot be supported or expanded down the road.  Having the expertise to know what to ask and how to ask it is not typically in everyone’s wheel house – we each have our knowledge niche and we ultimately have to trust people.  I know that wasn’t very helpful, but where do we go from here?

1. Know your web developers and web development team.  This is critical, if you are working with a company or a freelancer – you should have a chance to connect and chat, especially on larger projects.  Find out if there is a single point of contact and one-person doing back-end, front-end and database work.  You need to weigh the scope of the project, budget and the reality if a single person can actually do it.

2. Price, if you are looking for cheap – expect to end up with an incomplete project.  I speak for all high-level web developers and web development shops in San Diego, the work that they do is extremely difficult and deserves to be compensated fairly.  If price is your primary concern – you should rethink the project and the value.  If you are looking to build a tool for your company that is expected to generate let’s say $100,000 a year and your budget is $5,000 – your concept is either amazing or your budget is unrealistic.  Look at what is real and move forward from there.

3. Experience matters.  There are lots of companies in San Diego and some are very seasoned, some are experienced and some are both.  Portfolios and brands should only be a small piece of the decision process, you should understand if they are capable, have the bandwidth and our financially sound to work on your project.  I have seen so many freelancers and small web development companies get so far behind in the money – that they are too busy chasing the next project and not working on keeping the revenue model sound.  This is typically what dooms many projects – web shops that have completed 10% or 20% of a project but have already deposited and spent 50% of the project budget.

The reality is that we will always make bad decisions, the issue then comes down to how you limit your risk or mitigate a bad relationship.  NFY Interactive, Inc. is a 15 year old web development company here in San Diego.  We actively work with Fortune 10 and Fortune 100 companies and we pride ourselves on the relationships we build with our clients.  We look for mutually beneficial relationships that creates value for both companies, ultimately when you look and focus for value on both sides of the table – the outcome is typically awesome.

If you would like to learn more about NFY Interactive, Inc., our process or just want to talk through your current website project – give us a call today!

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