Three Things You Should Know About Building Your SEO Strategy


Your Google, Bing, and Yahoo rankings are all determined by the quality of your SEO, and more so, your sites’ content and all its components. Piggy backing from our last article, we’ve put together three essential components that can help improve your SEO so that you can gain the exposure and/or leads you need.


Whether it’s organic or paid, content is the most important thing to have for any business and for its’ SEO. We live in a world where content is everything and how effective that content is, is up to you as the content builder. From creating blogs, social media, or any other source, good content is your best friend. If you’re looking to bring high customer engagement, search rankings, and conversions, it all begins with the right content that aligns with the mission of the company you’re working with. Also keep in mind,

Good Content + Consistency + Time = SEO Authority.

When you first start, planning a content strategy for your business can help keep consistency and branding. Create a schedule and collaborate ideas with the person you’re building content for. Some things to consider is creating information your customers can relate to or that is relevant to the company’s values. Remember, you want them to trust what you’re producing. Infographics and videos are one of the important sources for engagement, but always remember, your best content will come from copywriting, even if you believe you’re not the greatest copywriter, you’ll find a way to become a decent one. Create something your targeted audience would want to read or see in which someone may want to share.

Take for example Kicksologist shoe reviewer Jefferson Santos. His articles have been relatable to viewers, with the right image, right videos, and thorough copywriting. His content has been shared multiple times by other websites and the average Facebook user. For his article review on the Nike Kobe 9 Elite, the piece has been linked to 49 other similar articles where people found his review to be useful and in addition he brings a punch into the shoe sales.

So remember, your content determines whether or not your customers will be attracted to your business or whether they believe you’re a reliable and trustworthy source. Which brings us to the next important part about SEO, backlinks.


Every SEM specialist knows that backlinks are good to have in redirecting your potential customers to a particular part of your website. If you really want to expand your reach, backlinking from supporting websites, backlinks from other parts of your website, or even your own blogs will help boost your website traffic.

Why are backlinks important? They show that the content you produced is reliable and trustworthy to share. In addition, people notice that your content is put together well enough that it’s worth mentioning a couple times.

A referral from another company’s website will help the foot traffic as well. These referrals can help with faster indexing in search engines, and the search foot traffic becomes greater. And don’t worry — if there hasn’t been anyone yet to refer you, then leave it to social media accounts to help you get there.

If you’re wondering how to connect or gain these backlink opportunities from other relevant websites, Neil Patel, an expert online marketer states it himself, “If you consistently put in the effort to create an authority site, you’ll get links. It’s as simple as that.” He further goes on to explain in an article different ways to go about gaining backlink opportunities

A few other tips that Neil and many other online marketers have suggested are:

  • Find Influencers in your niche
  • Use Social Media
  • Do a little research on how other similar sites link out

Once you do a little research yourself, you’ll be able to gain insight on what other authoritative sites are looking for, in order to link back to you.

We’ll finally see how all your content and backlinks tie together. Keywords. This is ultimately the important part about your SEM and SEO strategy.


Your content and backlinks are only as useful as to the keywords you use.

Keywords will help you rank the fastest in SEO. The first tip is having a revolving keyword to use as a main anchor point to your content. Every strong website has structured their SEO with strong keyword campaigns. Whether it’s for an article or whether it’s for AdWords, finding the right keywords to circle around your website will help narrow down the focus to the particular niche you’re serving. You may want to keep a list of your keywords, and track what keywords your competitors are using as well. Keeping track will allow you adjust your keywords to on a weekly or monthly basis. And don’t forget! Use your own branded keywords that relate back to your company – this is something many companies fail to remember. You should still prioritize your company’s brand terms when coming up with keywords. This is crucial to your website’s SEO.

Another valuable tip: when your website is circulating particular keywords, you want to make sure the copy you have written in your blogs or articles have the keywords as well. Incorporating keywords into your copy can help with some of Google’s algorithms. And one thing I’ve learned as an online marketer is the importance of LSI(latent semantic indexing), and how using similar keywords that are tied together enrich your primary keywords. If you’re not familiar to LSI, you can read Hubspot’s article on what an LSI does. LSI not only helps with google’s SERP algorithms but is one of the important parts of effective SEO strategy. Incorporating LSI helps to connect the context of your keywords with whatever content you have produced. Which again, gives a boost into what your keywords relate to, when people are searching online.

So there you have it: the three should knows for your search engine marketing. If you follow and learn more about these three important notions, over time, you’ll see your SEO improve while your website rank increases. Which brings great exposure and faster leads. Just keep on being consistent, build your content, use proper keyword techniques, and you’ll see referral links come back to you. And if you still feel like you’re struggling with your website’s traffic, you can alway hire a marketing agency.

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