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Purchasing a new vehicle is a process… First you have to choose what car you want, then color and features.  Once you have your car chosen, you then began the wrangling with financing, they offer you paint protection, alarm systems and of course – the enhanced warranty!  Ultimately, this warranty is sold to us as if it is just a few bucks a month and a transmission in this new car alone is like $10k!  It is kind of a no brainer – but ultimately, it doesn’t cover everything in most cases.  A vehicle rarely is simply the cost of the loan, fuel and general maintenance… wait, what is general maintenance?  Did you know that the cost of operating a car recently rose to 60.8 cents per mile* based on an average of 15k miles per year… That is more than $9k to just OPERATE your vehicle.

Websites are a process too… You have to chose which platform is best (Custom vs. WordPress), then you have to work on designs, logos, branding, content and more!  Ultimately, the web development company will bring their teams and experience to the table to sort through the areas that need experts and you can sit back and make money while you sleep… Oh wait, no.  Even online, there is a real and very serious threat to many websites that have a set and forget mentality.  They are doomed to die and be forever lost, the investment of time and money wasted… That is unless you have a proper warranty, updates and services in place.

Imagine what would happen if you never replaced the tires on your car… Your oil.  Your car would die too. A website is a lot like a car, in fact – they are nearly identical.

After 15 years, we have seen our fair share of companies that have build, set and forgotten websites – in same cases – nearly 8+ years.  They only come back to haunt everyone when they are usually hacked, or the domain isn’t renewed and a customers asks if they are still in business.  In 15 years, we have seen and heard nearly everything — our solution was simple.

San Diego web developers NFY Interactive, Inc.Starting in 2015, all websites are backed by a warranty program, we provide updates and services as dictated by our clients needs and ultimately – everyone has more value infused into the relationship than ever before.  You have a proactive approach to updates, backups, security and more!  This new model protects both custom PHP development projects and WordPress websites.  If you have a website and you haven’t updated something in years, you may have accumulated some serious gunk in your engine and it is time to take it to the shop.

Our team has been assisting companies from many vertical markets and nearly all sizes… We love relationships, ultimately we (You too!) thrive and prosper when we have the opportunity to connect and infuse value on both sides of the table.  Our expertise can be leverage for web development, online marketing, managed services and mobile application development.  If you would like to learn more, if you website has been sluggish and is in need of a tune-up, come hang out in our shop and let our master mechanics fine tune your site into a money producing, brand building, lead generating, revenue machine.

*Sourced from 2013 : Original Article

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